Date: Every Tuesday

Time :  9.15pm (Kuala Lumpur and Manila time)
(Jakarta time)
(Melbourne and PNG time)
           9.15am (New York time)
           8.15am Eastern Standard Time (EST)               



Please follow the instructions below to join our webcast:

1. Click here to enter the Webcast room.

2. When you arrive at the "LOGIN INFORMATION" page,
     key in the following info: 

    (a) YOUR NAME : YourName-YourArea-InvitedBy

                        e.g.  Leslie-London-Budi

                                Stephanie-New York-Budi  

In this case, you are invited by me, Budi.
          * It is important to key in your inviter's info, so we can control
            the webcast room.

    (b)  No Password required.

    (c)  Click the "OK" button.


- Best to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser.
- Turn on your computer speakers.
- You can test logging in to our webcast now. 

After joining our webcast session, if you have any questions, please contact me .



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